We are professional solar collectors installer in Mississauga offering our residential and commercial clients complete solutions in the renewable energy sector.

The future is sunny

Device used to gather sun rays on the roof

During the last two decades it has become obvious that the conventional sources of energy will be replaced by renewable resources. Our Sun radiation provides us with an endless source of energy. The energy that can be harnessed with the help of solar collectors and turned into heat or electricity. This is definitely a technology of tomorrow, capable of powering our society’s ever growing needs. And so our Mississauga and Toronto clients can enjoy multiple benefits of solar energy today.

Design, installation & distribution

Sun energy at work on a fooftop

We specialize in complete solar energy solutions for our Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area clients. Here at Solkraft, we believe in clean and renewable energy of the sun and its benefits. Our portfolio consists of importing, designing, installation and distribution of solar collectors. We also provide wide range of maintenance services and technical consulting in the methods of installation and attractive terms of co-operation.

Why solar energy and why us?

Through our experience as professional solar collector installers we have noticed significant increase in the numbers of installations in recent years. Our Mississauga clients quickly realized the incredible potential in this particular type of resource. First of all, solar energy is a clean way of producing heat and electricity. The technology is relatively easy to install and very efficient. Lastly it gives our customers an opportunity to lower their expenses by significantly limiting the usage of gas and hydro.

In addition to the above, our clients always enjoy high quality maintenance services and advice provided by our technicians. Over the years in business we have built many successful professional relationships with private home owners as well as commercial institutions in Mississauga and other GTA areas. Today we continue to offer comprehensive solutions that meet and often go far beyond peoples’ expectations and Mississauga boundaries. Please do not hesitate to call us for a free no obligation consultation.