Heat pumps

  • In room air conditioner
  • Energy saving wall unit
  • Exterior air conditioner unit
  • Exterior air conditioner
  • Another wall unit
  • Wall mounted heat pump

Heat pumps in Mississauga

Heat pumps become more and more popular nowadays. They can provide heating in cooler months and cooling in the summer. This dual application and high level of efficiency appeals to many homeowners interested in considerable savings in gas and electricity usage.

Heat pumps are devices that provide heat extracted from the cooler air on the outside (and vice-versa) in the process of refrigeration. As a result, they are capable of producing heat even when temperature outside is below zero. Using the same principles such devices also act as A/C units. Reversed refrigeration process allows to achieve COP factor of 3 or 4. To put it simply, the heat transferred can be three to four times larger than the electricity consumed (1kW/h = 3-4kW/h of heat).

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