In floor (hydronic) heating

  • In floor heating installation
  • Hydronic heating system
  • Heating tubes inside floor
  • Hydronic heating system installed in a driveway
  • Tank with water supply for an in-floor heating
  • Concrete poured on top of in floor heating pipes
  • Heating pipes inside floor ready for concrete application
  • Exterior part of in floor heating system
  • In floor pipes side view
  • In floor heating pipes around sum pump pit

Mississauga in floor heating

In floor heating (also known as radiant heating) adds high level of comfort to any home by providing even temperature across the room. We have prepared this short introduction for our clients to help explain its growing popularity across Canada and here in Mississauga too.

What is in floor heating?

In floor heating is a system of plastic tubing typically installed before finishing floors. The tubing is laid on a subfloor and then concrete is poured on top. The tubes are connected to a water heater that constantly circulates hot water through the system and heats up the floor.

This type of heating operates on a simple principle of raising, warm air that is moved up by radiating heat from the floor. As a result, in floor heating provides even temperature across the room with no need for the unsightly looking floor vents that would normally push the air up. In many cases it is possible to eliminate the need for a humidifier and there are no drafts created by traditional, forced-air heating systems.


  • even temperature across the room
  • worm floor surface pleasant to walk on
  • quiet operation
  • operate at low cost (up to 30% savings)
  • draft elimination
  • air humidity retention