Solar photovoltaic collectors

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  • Photovoltaic solar collectors
  • Photovoltaic solar collectors

Solar photovoltaic in Mississauga

Solar photovoltaic systems quickly gain ground around the world and in Mississauga area too. Our clients appreciate the advantages of this type of electricity producing solutions. The solutions that utilize unused roof space and areas around homes and businesses.

Those innovative systems produce "clean electricity" without releasing harmful pollutants into the environment. It is also worth noting that solar panels do not require any significant maintenance. Their durability and efficiency cannot be underestimated. This is why we offer complete solutions from consultation to installation and maintenance. Please contact us and find out how you can start saving money on your electricity bills without environmental impact.

Also, Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers attractive feed-in tariffs for those who want to sell their surplus of electricity, paying around $0.40 per 1kW/h.